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The sun shines on Ark Development land seen on the right.


Ark Developments

Ark Developments’ land seen from the service road.

Ark Developments

View of the mountains taken from the land.

Ark Developments

Preparing the new road to service the house which will be built on an already prepared shelf.

Ark Developments – Land

This page is dedicated to land Ark Developments owns high in the hills above the village of Yalikavak on the Bodrum peninsula in south west Turkey. Many of the rich and famous have chosen to have their homes built in the hills above the village of Yalikavak which benefits from a gentle breeze in the hot summer months. If privacy matters to you this is the place to build your home. Yalikavak if away from the general holiday areas and so attracts high end visitors.

As you can see the views are wonderful overlooking the prize winning new £100m PalMarina which already has had extended visits from 3 of the largest private yachts in the world. For further information on PalMarina go to our Turkey page above. Views of the beautiful Aegean Sea and the five bays in between the land and the Mandarin Oriental Development is clearly seen.

Although security in Turkey is not a problem high security is possible here because the 4 Km road finishes just a few yards past the land and any approaching vehicle can be seen half a mile away as the road wends its way round the hillside (click here to view on Google Maps).

If however you want land by the sea in Turkey, then email Ark Developments and we will guide you and will be happy to purchase suitable land on your behalf. We work with Companies in the USA, UK and near east and we will be glad to look for appropriate land for you wherever you wish your Super Luxury home to be.

Ark Developments

View of Yalikavak, PalMarina and the Aegean Sea taken from our land.