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International Property Awards

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The ‘International Property Awards’ are designed to encourage excellence, innovation and creativity in the property industry wordwide and to promote an International standard. It is seen to be the highest honour within the property world.

The award is sponsored by: CNBC, Virgin Atlantic, EY, Yamaha, Sima Expo, Kohler, New York Times, London Daily Mail, The World, HSBC, Maserati and more.

The competition is judged by people who represent such Companies as Google, NHBC, HSBC, International Homes Magazine, Politicians and Industry experts.

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Internationally Renowned Partners

Sweet Sparkman Architects – Sarasota Florida USA

We were keen to research the world to find modern designed homes from Internationally renowned Architects who have designed modern homes having regard to the area they will be a part of.  Local Turkish Architects are only just moving towards modern design concepts and learning as they go.

In Sarasota USA we found Sweet Sparkman Architects, a multi award winning Architectural Partnership that are designing exactly what we were looking for – please take the time to click here to see a page that gives an idea of why we were so excited to find them.

Cornish Stairways International

Cornish Stairways International – Cornwall UK

We are delighted to welcome Mike Jordan Chairman of Cornish Stairways International (CSI) to our Board of Directors. He brings a huge amount of experience to Ark Developments particularly because of his design skills and future planning experience. CSI have designed and constructed stairways in many famous Hotels, private residences and super yachts owned by the rich and famous. This includes the famous Burj Khalifa (Burj Al Arab) in Dubai, and they have just completed the third £1 million stairway in the world’s largest super yacht.

Mike is Head Judge of the International Property Awards (IPA) in Arabia and Europe. The importance of IPA to Builders, Architects, Interior Designers, and Developers worldwide is outlined above. For nearly 30 years Mike has been design Consultant to His Highness , Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum ( Crown Prince ) Dubai. Mike is also a Patron of the Princes Trust in the UK.

For more information on Cornish Stairways click here to visit their website.

Zen Interiors

Zen Interiors LLC – Dubai UAE

Zen Interiors takes away all the hassle of designing and furnishing your new home. Having founded the Company in Dubai in 2003 they have grown building on the reputation and relationships that they have built up. The aim is always to achieve the highest standards of service and they remain passionate about Interior design which is born out by their many awards.

Zen Interiors have not only received awards from the International Property Awards, Arabia area but have recently achieved International awards for best Interior Design.

Zen Interiors keep all operations in-house so that they can control the delivery time and the quality of their product. They have an extensive portfolio to showcase their work – they will be happy to show you their projects and a selection of thought provoking furniture. The design processes are done in steps to ensure that the client is happy with everything before proceeding.

For more information on Zen Interiors click here to visit their website.