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Project – Casey Annex

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The Casey Annex can be part of the large Casey House estate. This one bedroom/one bath 415 square foot structure is designed to visually float above the coastal landscape. It is positioned on the site to help define the southern edge of the courtyard, and to provide an intimate, contemplative space to enjoy sea and mountain views. Elevated in this picture but it can be redesigned. The elevation can be removed having regard to the choice of land and the views required of the surrounding area. The copper clad volume is anchored to the site by a large stone clad wall, implying a sense of delicate balance and material permanence. The materials, which reiterate the main house palette, impart a visual weight to the simple composition of wall intersecting with volume.

This small outbuilding completes the courtyard of the family compound, at the same time allowing the native coastal landscape to flow beneath it, merging the natural with the man-made.