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Sweet Sparkman Architects create bold and innovative modern residences that embrace the environmental and cultural context of place. Each project begins quietly. Architectural inspiration comes from listening to the natural elements, absorbing patterns of light and wind, understanding what is inherently artful about each site. This intelligent and intuitive process is fundamental and evokes clear authentic concepts. The firm seeks to stimulate the senses, awaken the mind and calm the spirit through architecture that integrates natural materials and explores design that blends the boundaries of indoor and outdoor spaces. Harmonizing essentials and indulgences, award-winning projects grace extraordinary locations. Discriminating clients engage Sweet Sparkman Architects for thought-provoking and truly distinctive architecture.

Award-Winning Architecture

Sweet Sparkman Architects (SSA) strongly believe that well designed projects not only serve today’s generation, but also serve the interests of successive generations. This is achieved through the consideration of long term, practical design solutions. These are underlying tenets of design that are common to our practice, and support the goals of sustainable development. As a testament to this belief, SSA continues to produce award-winning, progressive architecture that has been recognized at local, national and international levels. In 2012, the firm exhibited at Venice Biennale with a conceptual installation that explores the characteristics of Siesta Key sand and its relationship to the Gulf Coast of Florida. The well-received exhibit, titled “Origins”, embodied the firm’s philosophy of recognizing and exploring site specific design influences to amplify the inherent beauty of a natural site or local environment.

Principal Biography

As principal for Sweet Sparkman Architects, Jerry Sparkman will serve as the direct point of contact for ARK Development and the client from preliminary design through construction. Jerry began his career working with his father’s architecture firm on extraordinary custom residences located on steeply sloping sites. During this period of practice he began to understand the potential of exploring design inspiration as a direct connection to the land. His appreciation and study of extraordinary project sites and properties continues to inform the development of an organic architecture that is at once modern and universal, yet deeply rooted to its place. Jerry weighs the value of his work by the quiet contentment of the lives lived in the residences he designs. His projects express his ability to listen to the client’s needs, and respond with a keen perception of how space and design can evoke a powerful emotional response. His built work illustrates his ability to create spaces that are tactile and contemporary, environmentally responsible and authentic. Crafted artfully to respond to each site’s unique context, Jerry creates architecture that is both a reflection and an extension of the client’s life and property.