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Concept Designs from Architects Sweet Sparkman

The structure will have exposed wood decking from underside. Exterior walls will be a masonry and glass curtain wall system. The decks will be membrane roofing/ drains and parapets. Interior floors will be terrazzo and interior walls and ceilings will be painted gypsum board.

The design is a contemporary aesthetic inspired by the natural characteristics of the environment. The inspiration originates from the geometries found throughout the site. These include both natural and man made items from the local architecture and environment to the coastal landscape as it contrasts with the horizon. The design is organised to take advantage of the 200 degree view of the water and mountain background.

As always this should be considered as a starting point and following meetings with Ark Developments and partner Architects Sweet Sparkman the design can be adapted to the environment and family requirements.

Thought provoking!

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